Virtual Product Showcase

Looking for something new at your tradeshow booth or for your online event? Think about using augmented reality as an interactive and unique way to showcase products at your next event.


  • Use QR codes to quickly give attendees access to augmented reality 3D models of your products without an app
  • Have an entire catalog of photorealistic 3D images of your products without having to transport them to events
  • Provide a unique experience whether it’s an online event or physical

How it's done

  • Determine which items you would like to showcase
  • Put those items through digital 3D asset creation
  • Our team assists in consulting you about how to use the 3D models and how to deploy using QR codes

What are the benefits

  • Save money on physical event logistics
  • Provide a unique and memorable way of showcasing your products
  • Boost your creative asset archive with deployable 3D model files
  • Take advantage of the many other possibilities using 3D models

Trade shows are a lot of fun and a great way to show off your brand. Start thinking differently about how you will set up your booth and use augmented reality. We can help make it happen. Contact Us